Hiking holidays in Portugal

Popular hiking destination with beautiful coasts and diverse hinterland
Hiking at lake Lagoa do Fogo on Azores island

Particularly the coastal hikes along the Atlantic coast are very popular. The hikes in Alentejo along the wild Atlantic coast take you through extensive nature reserves and picturesque, traditional villages.

If you want to go hiking in spring or autumn, the hikes in Algarve are a good recommendation. Starting from Tavira you will visit beautiful beaches and quiet fishing villages. Those who want to enjoy spring in winter, can go for coastal hikes on the flower island of Madeira. The hikes along the scenic levadas and to the inland mountain peaks are among the most spectacular tours you can do in this year-round tourist destination.

Another insider tip are the Azores. Hot springs, black beaches and exotic plants delight tourists on the nine islands of volcanic origin situated around 1000 km from Europe.

The flower island of Madeira

This Portuguese island in the Atlantic, where spring seems to have permanent residence, is a paradise for migratory birds and attracts active enthusiasts all year round. A wide variety of hikes along the coast, the famous levadas and the inland Pico attract hikers, as do the excellent cuisine and good wines.

The hike to the highest mountain of Madeira, the Pico Ruivo at 1862 metres above sea level, promises a wonderful view of the entire island from the summit in fine weather. The further path is more comfortable yet equally spectacular and takes you across the Ponta do Sao Lorenço in the north eastern part of the island. The bizarre rock formations of the peninsula give a good picture of the geological structure of Madeira.

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